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The Champion Coach

Patrick Blauw

Patrick Blauw


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Location: Zichtweg 67, 2151 WD Nieuw Vennep
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Making teams work better together by exploiting the differences in a team. I’m excited about that!

A team will work better together if the members of the team really know themselves well. Find the champion in yourself. With the right tools from Q4 Profiles in your hands, conversations, training AND interactive working methods from theChampionCoach you will see that teamwork will never be the same again!

Patrick Blauw (1971) has been active as a DISC specialist since 2006 and has experience in both business and (top) sports. He likes to translate these different experiences into daily practice in his workshops and training courses and makes them applicable to the participants.

The main theme of the training, workshops and seminars of theChampionCoach is communication. This mainly concerns self-knowledge. You learn in an interactive way, both business and private, WHAT and WHY is important to you and HOW you can align with the other person to achieve your goals as quickly as possible: effective & effective.

You will receive a DISC / Values ​​/ Interest profile based on a questionnaire from Q4 Profiles. It’s a good story about yourself: what are you good at and what energizes you. But it also identifies your pitfalls and things that cost you energy. The nice thing?

With the interactive training courses of theChampionCoach, combined with the profiles of Q4 Profiles, you will learn a lot more about yourself, but also about others. This results in better cooperation, more fun in what you do and better contacts with colleagues.