Makes self-knowledge
your own

To unravel and embrace the uniqueness of people.”


Self-knowledge and insight into the other form the basis for mutual understanding and tolerance. That is what drives us every day. You are our ideal professional if you recognise yourself in this. With a long-term collaboration we join forces to let people grow from a positive approach.

Mission and vision

What do we stand for

Q4 Profiles researches, analyses and shares knowledge about communication and human behaviour. Our validated questionnaires and low-threshold, practical Profiles reach and touch people. “BeRaken” that’s what we call it in Dutch. In close cooperation with our Certified Partners, we create self-insight and insight into the other. In this way we want to make a positive contribution to people.

What are we going for

Q4 Profiles wants to make self-knowledge your own. That is the foundation for more mutual understanding and tolerance. Together with you, we unravel and embrace the uniqueness of people. We support you with accessible training and practical tools.

100% Dutch

Q4 Profiles is one hundred per cent Dutch company. Our Profiles describe different layers of communication and behaviour. Translating this into practice provides insight into strengths, pitfalls and development areas. With self-insight and insight into the other, people understand each other better.

Validated locally including language and culture

Translated texts in the long run often just don’t touch. Precisely that is very important in our profession. To strike the right chord, we have validated our profiles locally. Taking the language and culture into account.

BeRaken (Dutch word)

It’s not about what you say; it’s about how you say it. Nuance and tone are essential for people. We reach out to people and touch them with the right words in the right tone of voice. That’s what we call “BeRaken”.

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