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Certified Partnership

In our rapidly changing world, peace of mind is lacking. People are in a hurry and have little time for each other. Finding a work/life balance is a challenge and might cause tension. Self-knowledge helps people to understand themselves and others better. That insight increases mutual tolerance. Connection with others starts with self-knowledge.


We invite you to join us in inspiring and empowering people through inspiration and a positive approach. We do this from a long-term relationship focus. Based on mutual respect for each person’s speciality with the same goal: effective communication based on extensive self-knowledge and insight into other peoples preferences.

Certified Partnership

As a Q4 Profiles Partner, you make a positive contribution to people’s lives in a practical and accessible way. Self-knowledge helps people to communicate more effectively. We support you with practical tools. This allows you to quickly and effectively get to the heart of the matter, a starting point for your training or coaching. Our questionnaires and profiles are based on years of (our own) research. Validated locally in the language that reaches and touches people. “BeRaken” is what we call it in Dutch. 

We like to invest time and energy in the cooperation with our partners, share knowledge and help you further develop your skills. Always with personal attention, both in our training and products as well as in our service.

What does a Certified Partnership mean for you

  • access to the Q4 Profiles portal and all our knowledge
  • customer-friendly and committed helpdesk
  • several sessions per year to share knowledge
  • in depth knowledge through masterclasses
  • print and bind service
  • Personalised tools for your customers
  • Networking events (Summer Event and Winter Wonderland)


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