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Higher Emotional self-awareness makes you more effective

Emotional Intelligence

A set of social and emotional skills that affect:
– the way we see and express ourselves (self perception and emotional expression)
– the way we establish and maintain social relationships
– the way we deal with challenges, and
– the way we use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way

It is (internationally) seen as the skill to significantly increase the (job) success rate.

EQ-i 2.0

This is the instrument with which we measure someone’s Emotional Intelligence. We measure 5 composite scales and 15 sub scales. For example, themes like Impulse Control, Stress Tolerance, Empathy and Emotional Self-Awareness. And how does a person score on the Wellbeing/Happiness scale? With EQ-i 2.0 we can provide insight into this as well!

A development tool to move forward.


A 360 degree feedback instrument (English only). Map emotional intelligence from different angles. For example, by involving the supervisor, colleagues or friends.

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