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“Self-insight is valuable within all aspects of our lives”


Self-insight and insight into the other make the difference within all aspects of our lives. Together with our partners, we help companies, employees, students, athletes and families with individual and group training daily.

Our profiles describe different layers of communication and behaviour. Translating this into practice provides insight into strengths, pitfalls and talents. With self-insight and insight into the other, people get more self-esteem, self-confidence and the chance to make optimal use of their talents. It increases mutual understanding and tolerance.

Business Services

Finding a work-life balance is a challenge in itself in our rapidly changing society. As an employee or team, you learn what you find important, where your personal interests lie and how your employer deals with them.


With a study, you prepare yourself for your future. You will learn about your personal preferences, interests, and what you find essential. What are your pitfalls and talents? And what motivates you in your study or project? With more self-insight and insight into the other, you can communicate more effectively. That helps you to study better and more pleasantly. That way, you will have a good time. Our Profiles are used at various Dutch schools. From primary to secondary education to colleges and higher education.


Within families, everyone has their interests and finds importance in their things. How does a family deal with your personal preferences? And what do they think is essential? What motivates you and your family members to give time and love to each other?


This Profile gives you insight into your natural behaviour and that of your horse. You will learn how to tune yourself into the needs of your horse optimally. It makes your contact more pleasant, you train more effectively, and that leads to better results.


Besides technique, tactics and the physical aspect is the mental element essential in sports. As a trainer or coach, you learn how to approach different types of athletes adequately. Understanding different characters and an adequate approach makes athletes feel better. It creates more fun on the sports field and improves both individual and team performance. We can also contribute to the right working environment for trainers and coaches.

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