Makes self-knowledge
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“Uniqueness is in every fibre”

Q4 Profiles

Self-knowledge and insight into the other make the world more understandable for people, we highly believe in that. Effective communication and mutual tolerance start with self-insight. That’s what makes people flourish.

Based on years of research and validation, our DISC Profiles are developed further and further, making them clear, accessible and practically applicable. Our profiles support people with challenges in the field of:

  • Effective Communication
  • Team Training
  • Human Resources and Organisational Challenges
  • Change Processes
  • Personal Leadership
  • Personal Development

Q4 Profiles

Highly motivated and sustainably employable employees are happier in their work. That makes them particularly valuable for the work atmosphere and business continuity. In our DISC Profiles, we focus on what moves people consciously and unconsciously.

Personal Style (DISC)

Personal Values

Personal Interests

Q4 Profiles Application Profiles

Self-insight provides people with valuable information about their preferences, strengths and pitfalls. Our Application Profiles focus on successful communication and collaboration.

Personal Commercial Style

Personal Secretarial Style 

Personal Trainer/Coach Style

Personal Student Style

Q4 Horse Profile

Q4 Profiles Observation Profiles

Optimal support is possible if you seamlessly match the needs of the other person. Our Observation Profiles provide insight into what a customer, manager, team or child needs. Observation is only possible, combined with your Personal Profile.


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