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DISC Introduction Training

Are you a professional in communication and behaviour or active in human resources and interested in knowing more about DISC? In this training, you will experience DISC and the ways to work with it yourself. Intended as an introduction training and perhaps your first step towards official certification. The training takes half a day and includes a certificate of participation.


DISC Basic Certification Training

After the introduction, this is the next step. In this training course, we immerse ourselves in DISC. You are going to practice and develop skills to interpret DISC. For example, you will learn how to read an outcome and how to discuss a profile effectively. After completion, you are a Q4 Profiles Certified Partner => link to page ‘Certified Partnership’ with all the included services. You will receive your personal DISC certificate and from that moment on you are authorised to work entirely independently. If you already have a DISC certification, you can switch to Q4 Profiles after this training. The training takes a full day.


DISC Advanced Certification Training

In-Depth training in which we will go further into special profile outcomes, complementary styles and special patterns and a short introduction to Personal Values. The training takes a full day.


DISC Personal Values Certification Training

Personal Values is about your perspective, your frame of reference. These are the filters that everyone builds up from the age of six. What feels right and what feels wrong. Why do you do things the way you do? Insights provided in four Values Types; Personal or Communal Goals and Personal or Communal Commitment. If the values of different people are diametrically opposite to each other, a conflict may arise. Personal Values give you insight into a deeper layer of human behaviour. The training takes two full days.


DISC Personal Interests Certification Training

Personal Interests is about what attracts you personally. What gives you energy? In this way, someone who does not really like routine work, but who has a specific interest, can persevere for a more extended period of time. Personal interests can play an essential role in intrinsic motivation. The training takes a full day.


EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360 Certification Training

In society, the person behind the job becomes more and more critical. We combine the worlds of DISC and Emotional Intelligence which makes this training both unique and intense. It will take you even further into the depths of communication and human behaviour. In the EQ360 you fill in the first questionnaire yourself (EQ-i), the second one will be filled in by others about you (EQ360). Think of your manager, colleague, direct report, family or friends. With the EQ-i 2.0 questionnaire, we measure fifteen different scales. Insight into EQ is valuable because you can develop it through training. You will learn how to process the information in an overview, then interpret it and how to develop EQ further. The training takes three full days.

Certified Partnership

As a Q4 Profiles Partner, you make a positive contribution to people’s lives in a practical and accessible way. Self-knowledge helps people to communicate more effectively. We support you with practical tools. This allows you to quickly and effectively get to the heart of the matter, a starting point for your training or coaching. Our questionnaires and profiles are based on years of (our own) research. Validated locally in the language that reaches and touches people. “BeRaken” is what we call it in Dutch.

We like to invest time and energy in the cooperation with our partners, share knowledge and help you further develop your skills. Always with personal attention, both in our training and products as well as in our service.

What does a Certified Partnership mean for you

  • access to the Q4 Profiles portal and all our knowledge
  • customer-friendly and committed helpdesk
  • several sessions per year to share knowledge
  • in depth knowledge through masterclasses
  • print and bind service
  • Personalised tools for your customers
  • Networking events (Summer Event and Winter Wonderland)


Q4 Profiles partners often experience our atmosphere as a warm bath or family feeling.

Feel invited to judge and experience that for yourself

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