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Q4 Clue 603 Zero Waste Week

(Learning) to live without leaving behind waste. The arguments according to the style.


The aim is to reduce waste ( disposal heap) and waste incineration. And what ends up in the sea… More recycling and re-use, moving towards a circular economy. You can achieve it at home as well as at the company.


Changing fixed habits is, of course, difficult and takes time. But becoming aware and starting small is already a significant step. Before you know it, it becomes familiar, and others around you begin to see it as well.


It is not only good for the environment; it is also good for your purse. For example, not throwing food away. Get creative with leftovers. And you can also use packagings for a second life as storage or flower pots.


If demand increases, this will also stimulate future product design. From the very start, taking into account the use of materials, product lifespan, repairability and the ease of disassembly. Plenty to think about.