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Q4Clue 601 Skills of the Future

It is moving fast. Increasingly faster. What are essential skills now will be obsolete within 5 years. AI and robots and are (literally) on the doorstep. What are the skills for the future and how do we adapt? And this covers our entire DISC spectrum.


Leadership qualities. To inspire others and help them to be better. Cooperation to be able to deal with complex issues and to realise solutions. At the end of the day, people will have to make the final decision. And at an increasingly higher level when the machines can process more and more information and offer more insights.


Emotional skills will become the dividing factor between man and machine. The latter can easily be replaced, but someone with a well-developed EQi and good communication skills will continue to be in demand. Also, (cultural) diversity will increase within the workplace, and this also requires strong social skills.


Adaptation is especially the crux; develop a high level of adaptability. A job for life doesn’t exist anymore, and it will become even less so. Being flexible and continually growing and learning, therefore becomes essential. The future asks us to ’embrace and celebrate change’, and that will be a great challenge for many.


Artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, blockchains and whatever is yet to come. Analytical thinking becomes an asset. Learning to deal with large and complex information flows. Not only that, we have to make all the technology our own. Every level has to cope with this. Fundamentally. That requires technical skills.