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Q4Clue 597 Dress Red Day

Will you wear something red tomorrow the 29th? At first, it seems like a fun day but make no mistake as it has a very serious mission; to raise attention for cardiovascular diseases of women.


The D-style is of course ‘the red style’ of dominant, of direct, of distinct. So get that red garment out of your closet tomorrow and carry out this mission (literally) like that—the D-style way.


Did you know that red is the psychological colour of the I-style? The colour that this style perceives first. So this style will probably (hopefully!) notice a lot of people wearing something red tomorrow.


Red is a bold colour. That raises the question: do you have anything red in your closet, and if so, do you wear it? However now it is the right time, and inform the people who point it out (hey, you in red?).


Why? Cardiovascular diseases are often seen as typical male diseases. Yet there are more women than men who are affected by this in their lives. In the past, there has been little attention given to this, which did not benefit the health care of women. That’ s why!


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