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Q4Clue 596 Sleeping Routines

Whether there are specific sleep-chronotypes is the question, but it is interesting to look at the DISC Styles versus the sleeping routine. And you know, we are all styles, so which one do you prefer?


Time is money? Then time asleep is probably money, too. Thus, a short sleeper. Late to bed (because lots to do) and early up (because lots to do). At the first alarm out of bed, a quick breakfast (or just a coffee) and full speed ahead into the day.


A snoozer, at least two times that the alarm gets postponed? Chances are this style got in bed late because it was such fun last night. A nice and relaxed start and fully up and running again from about noon. Until late probably.


“The early bird catches the worm” matches this style, right? By starting early, you can do a lot of work. Everybody knows that. On days like this, you have to go to bed early too, of course. For a fresh start tomorrow!


Sleeping in a waste of time? Especially if the weather’s lovely. Probably also a light sleeper and awake at the first rays of sunshine. And then the ‘grey mass’ immediately kicks into full operation again. I can’t sleep anymore. Let’s to get out…


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