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Q4Clue 590 Collaboration

Good collaboration requires more than just operating according to your style. Adaptation is also needed once in a while…


Leave the initiative to someone else now and then and above all, allow the time to do so. You may lose control and direction for a moment, but who knows where this might lead (literally). Different dynamics, different solutions, mixed results. Exciting!


Temper your enthusiasm once in a while, let someone else tell his or her story and give them time to finish it. That means biting your tongue, but it will boost cooperation, especially when everybody ‘is backing it’. Motivation!


In a collaboration, you don’t always have to be sweet and friendly to each other. It may (must?) also clash sometimes. It may even strengthen cooperation. Oh, and don’t raise your hand for once when asked who wants to take the minutes or execute something. Nope!


In a collaboration, you sometimes have to go faster than you might naturally want to. Go along with that and yes, that can (most likely) lead to problems. But that will work out in the end. And remember, we learn from that as well!


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