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Self image

Self image How do you see yourself? How do you see your own behaviour? If your personal style agrees with your self-image, you are then aware of your behaviour and unconscious needs. If the difference is big, you are not as conscious of your own basic needs, which can lead to energy loss and stress. Improve your communication by gaining more insight into yourself and others.

Core pattern

Core pattern Natural behaviour You mainly display this behaviour when you experience stress. In stressful situations, your actions are driven by your subconscious. Read more in the Q4 Profiles Personal Style Profile, Graph II, the bar Graph.

Natural behaviour

Natural behaviour Subconscious behaviour You mainly exhibit this behaviour, your core pattern, when you expecrience stress. In stressful situations, our actions are driven subconscious. We don't choose to do so and we are not aware of it happening.

Basic need

Basic need Basic needs in your core pattern Your core pattern includes a number of basic needs. What do you need and what gives you energy? If you don't meet these needs sufficiently, it costs energy and results in stress.