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Q4 Clue 793 | World Cup 2024

And so it is already the 8th of July, and the summer isn’t going very well yet… How do we deal with it?


Of course, there will be a brief ‘grrrr’ when this style opens the curtain and it rains. But it is what it is, and we must deal with it. There will undoubtedly be no cancellation or no-show. Let’s endure the situation!


So, what do we easily chat about? The weather! Typical Dutch, they say and ‘always complaining’ about the weather. The emotions, not the facts, then quickly surface. It has been raining all summer!


Making the best of it is also very much this style. Will certainly grumble about it, but seizing the moments when possible is extra enjoyable. I did some gardening and even could sit outside for a while today!


The Dutch summer average is 17.3 degrees, and although there are fewer rain hours, the summer is 23 millimetres wetter than the winter. So, with 20/21 degrees and no rain, it’s (f)actually not so bad now!


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