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Q4 Clue 793 | World Cup 2024

We’ve been underway for a while, but now it’s down to the wire—the knockout phase. How do the different supporter styles view a sports match?


All the supporter craziness aside – the only thing that matters is winning! If so, all is fine and at the forefront of the festivities. If not, if things don’t go so well, then quickly irritated and fussing.


Most of all, it’s about having fun together. Whether in or around the stadium, a pub, or a party tent. Winning is important, of course, because then we can continue to party!


Enjoying it together, whether with family, friends, or neighbours, is paramount. This style ensures the guests have a perfect time—everything is covered, from the refreshments to the decorations.


Wants to see, analyse and know everything. Preferably alone without distractions. And otherwise at least able to see the match properly. The first one all set and ready and sitting ‘at the best spot’.


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