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Q4 Clue 792 | The purchase styles

How do the different styles relate to each other when a large or special purchase is to be made?


The style of decision-making. If you score high on this style, then it can be quick—too quick sometimes. If this style is lower, it can take longer. Then, you must first satisfy one or more of the styles below.


This style primarily wants the “who?” question answered first. Wants to know what others (might) think, what is the most popular, liked, hottest, and whether I can be seen with it. Do others like it, too?


Certainty is what this style prioritizes. To be as secure as possible. That can be advice from trusted friends to the length of the warranty period. Liked a previous purchase, then the same again is a good (safe!) option.


Long live the Internet. And now AI, too! Or not… The style of wanting to know everything first. Reviews, specifications, opinions. Down to the last detail. Pros; very well informed. Challenge; when do you take the decision.


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