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Q4 Clue 791 | The questioning styles

By nature, each style has its specific questioning style. Recognize the questioner.


Straight to the point and put it clearly, almost in such a way that it’s not a question but already an instruction. And you are also already aware that if your answer differs from the one this style wants to hear, it will be a short clash.


See it this way: knows something has to be asked but has yet to think it through. Just begins and so while talking gets to (something of) the point. Also crucial in this process is that it has to be kept friendly.


People can find it unpleasant to ask for something. After all, it is bothering someone else with something you can do yourself. They often wait too long, and then it can seem a bit forced.


It comes prepared—well thought through and timed, with all information at hand. It is also ‘on paper’ if needed. However, it can be too formal and may even come across as pedantic, which can cause opposition from the other person.


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