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Q4 Clue 790 | Healthy Youth Week

A healthy future starts with a healthy youth. But for many children, growing up healthy is not yet commonplace. How do the different DISC styles view growing up in a healthy environment?


Of course, through exercise and sports. Little, from here you have a ball to big, a neighbourhood ‘where you like to exercise’. Appealing. A park, sports field, running route, and public fitness equipment.


However, a community centre is also important. It is where you can reach young people and make them aware of their lifestyle. This should obviously be a place that is not only useful but also fun to go to.


Don’t forget the school and especially the canteen—with healthy food on offer. Überhaupt nutrition. It also means that children have to get through the day without food and thus hungry.


Unhealthy food providers continue to rise, and healthy ones decline. Soft drinks are seen as normal. And a child in the Netherlands has, on average, 3m2 of outdoor play space; that’s less than a free-range chicken…


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