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Q4 Clue 789 | World Cycling Day (UN)

Are you on a bike today? If not, maybe tonight for a short ride to celebrate. After all, it’s World Bicycle Day! What, Who, How and Why you ask?


You can approach cycling as a fun physical activity. Touring, racing, ATB, etc., are all well-regulated here. This is different in many other countries. ‘Ordinary cycling’ in itself can be already a challenge there.


Cycling is also very sociable. Cycling to school together with your friends or going for a tour. A bicycle also gives you (the) freedom. And can, of course, be a wiser choice when going to a party…


The bicycle is simple, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, it is available in many versions and thus perfectly fits daily commuting, work, school, and private life.


The bicycle has been around for over two centuries, but its popularity is still rising. Especially now that it is seen as a symbol of sustainability. But there is still much to gain in large parts of the world.


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