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Q4 Clue 788 | Giving an opinion

“You used to say something that was that, nowadays everyone has an opinion.” So how do we express them?


Directly, of course. Boom, bang, and that’s my opinion. You can say that’s perfectly clear, but ask yourself: Is it always desirable or even wise? Others (styles) can be averse to it.


You will not always express your genuine opinion because you don’t want to disturb the unity. But that can come across as superficial, and you don’t want that either. You can just strike a balance in this.


This style, too, has conflicting opinions, but it often does not express them openly or (very) indirectly. Bottling them up or leaving them unresolved will most likely cause a ‘double blow’ later on.


The C-style is very capable of expressing an opinion. However, do thinks it through beforehand. Then, the timing can be a bit off. Also, pay attention to the sharpness of how you express your opinion.


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