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Q4 Clue 786 | Final exams

Secondary school exams start tomorrow. Here are a few (style) tips for parents/guardians/directly involved that may help during this period.


It is OK to challenge or ‘push’ this style. They can take things too easily. For relaxation, he or she needs to be able to do his or her own thing—a few hours at the gym, hanging out with friends…


Help with dotting the i’s and with the (time) planning. This close to exams, things can get a bit overwhelming. Give space to seek out people. Just a quick chat, some socialising…


Support this style as much as possible. Help with studying, answer the (many) questions and walk (multiple times) through the instructions together. Above all, needs confidence. Cheering up and encouraging.


The pitfall is to keep learning and preparing until the very last second. Provide relaxation. Something to ’empty’ the mind for a moment—a little walking/running, reading, gaming, etc.


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