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Q4 Clue 785 | No Diet Day

This is not a day to start stuffing yourself with crisps and pies but rather to reflect on dieting. How—and more specifically, why?


Even if you are highly motivated, it is very hard to stick to it for a long time, forever. Consequently, it causes the yo-yo effect, and you probably gain even more weight. It is better to eat healthy and exercise plenty.


The Instagrams of this world, but especially the diet industry—which makes billions—are after one thing: making you feel insecure. You really don’t need to feel bad. There is no such thing as ‘guilty pleasures’ or cheat days!


And then all those people claim to know—the (in Holland called) ‘food wappies’. Don’t follow blindly; don’t ‘join too’. Being a little overweight but steady is better than constantly messing up your satiety level.


There is nowhere more confusion created and nonsense told than about food. And there is no such thing as bad food. Only bad portions. We know that wholemeal and fresh food are better than packets or ready-made…


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