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Q4 Clue 784 | Self-esteem

How do you feel about yourself? Each style has its strengths as well as pitfalls. How can we use our different styles positively – and what to avoid?


The style of daring to make your own choices. Assertive and the confidence to make difficult decisions. But it doesn’t always have to be bigger, better, more expensive, more beautiful… the insatiable hunger. Do it your way.


Connecting and maintaining good relationships easily starts with a positive appreciation of yourself. You don’t always have to compare yourself to others. You are unique, and you can appreciate others for who they are.


As already said, every style has its pitfalls. Therefore, accept who you are. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t talk yourself down. Above all, high self-esteem is not arrogance. I am okay, and you are okay, too.


Our inner critic style. Perfectionistic with that very high bar. But you don’t always have to prove and measure yourself. Just think of all the good things you are already doing and those qualities you have.


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