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Q4 Clue 783 | Seeding day

Wild bees have a tough time. This day is one of the initiatives to boost biodiversity (very) locally and on a small scale. How can you contribute to this?


Guerrilla gardening is also possible! Start a little garden on an undeveloped piece of ground. It takes some courage but just do it. How about a treebed garden?


Gardening together with your neighbours can also be very sociable, especially when you have a (neighbourhood) garden. Have some coffee and make small talk with a passerby. It can also be very inspiring.


Having plants and flowers around you also improves your mood and health. And now you don’t have to lift half the pavement in front of your house; just create a facade garden, for example.


Bees travel only 50 to 200 metres from their nest. So don’t just sow flowers (a poison-free bee mixture); also think about nesting. A bee hotel, Bed and breakfast!


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