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Q4 Clue 782 | Secretary’s Day

This Thursday, secretaries, secretarial staff, and management assistants will be put in the spotlight. There are different styles, different secretaries, and different bosses. Being flexible and adaptable is, therefore, an essential quality. How?


Setting priorities and monitoring deadlines—literally, the need to ‘chase people’? Then, you must engage your D style—brief, powerful, and goal-oriented.


Are you the one who has to communicate it? In writing or verbally. You may also need to articulate the message better or in a diplomatic way? Then, address this style.


The true supportive style in us. The one that effectively executes and completes tasks. A very important and, therefore, a highly (but sometimes under)valued characteristic.


And then, of course, there is the planning, organising and (monitoring) the agenda. That’s where this style comes well into its own. Accurate, on schedule and error-free.


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