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Q4 Clue 781 | Outdoor Teaching Day

National Outdoor Teaching Day tomorrow. Sounds good, right? How will the students experience it based on their different styles?


A D-student may say, “You can be more active because sitting still all day is too boring.” This is a Fine argument. More sports and play also improve children’s cognitive performance.


Plus, it makes children participate more actively and enthusiastically, with less drifting off. It is also ideal for making difficult subjects more fun. And not just tomorrow; every day is outdoor teaching day!


It doesn’t have to be to faraway places or grand adventures. The schoolyard or the neighbourhood also makes a fantastic outdoor classroom! And above all, do and undertake things together.


At first, you may think of ‘nature lessons’, but subjects such as language, maths, history and technology are also great to do outdoors. There are lots of outdoor games and exercises.


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