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Q4 Clue 780 | April Fools’ Day

How do you fool the different styles?
(Plus, as a tip: how not to fall into your pitfall!)


Mask the prank as a challenge. You cannot, or you do not dare to do this. The ‘urge to accomplish’ can then come before overthinking. Be careful when this style takes notice of being pranked though 😉.


Involve others. This makes it extra credible. This style seeks appreciation and is also naturally trustworthy (pitfall!). Keep it light-hearted. This style doesn’t like losing face—especially in a group.


Prefers not to do pranks and jokes—certainly not ones aimed at the person. But then again, it’s tradition on this day. Surprises and sudden changes always do well, then quick on the mark.


Prepare very well, down to the last detail. Put on your best poker face, and don’t give away a clue. And when it succeeds!!! But know, it may take a while, but you will get you back. Be on your guard.


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