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Q4 Clue 779 | Green garden week

The aim; to make as many gardens, balconies and streets greener and more sustainable. How can we participate?


Yes, it’s easy to pop in only tiles! But know that this also has ‘other drawbacks’. You are more likely to suffer from flooding, and it is also much hotter in summer. So, adding some greenery will not harm you!


Of course, it does require work. But the latest garden trends are to let everything grow and bloom freely. So a few weeds here and there are no problem at all. Keep some space open for your visitors, of course!


Gardening naturally suits this style. You can get your hands in the soil and get on with it. It is also very relaxing. And it doesn’t have to be full BBC’s Monty Don, starting small is perfectly fine too.


If you design your garden cleverly, it won’t need much maintenance. You can opt for semi-paving, permeable clinkers or a terrace with wide joints. In this way, you will also get 60% of your garden to be green.


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