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Q4 Clue 778 | Happiness

Next Wednesday is International Happiness Day. What can happiness mean for the different styles?


D-happiness (to call it like that 😉) is the feeling you get when you have achieved an outstanding achievement. You have won, overcome yourself, achieved or accomplished something. You are the number 1!


This style in us can also find happiness in others. Can get genuinely happy when people around them experience happiness in something. Celebrating together is, therefore, something extraordinary!


Happiness can also be found in your S-style through satisfaction. From ordinary things. A nice cup of tea, a freshly made bed or when you finally finish a (DIY) job!


But happiness can also be in the little things. You have to become aware of it, to focus on it. By deploying your C-style. A beautiful cloud, a flower, taste, smell – so many things!


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