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Q4 Clue 777 | Sleep

Brain Awareness Week is all about sleep. We will not talk about brain function right now but know that we need a good night’s sleep. What are the pitfalls of different the styles?


This style in us always has something to do, plan, or work out ideas. So often busy and short of time. And for sleeping, there’s actually ‘no time’ either. Going to bed late and getting up early…


A quick check of the social media, even if you’re already in bed—that may well be the I-style in us, especially when you lose track of time. Which, of course, is the trick of those apps: keeping your attention.


You spent all day being ready for others, and once again, your personal time slipped away. So, only late, you might really have some time for yourself. Or maybe not; you still have to finish something.


With this style, the grey matter always keeps spinning. Even in the evening and at night. This can have a detrimental effect on your effective and qualitative sleep (time). Thinking or even worrying…


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