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Q4 Clue 776 | Waste Heroes

This week, we are spotlighting the people who keep our neighbourhood clean and to whom you can go with your waste. What can you do?


During wind and rain, in times of crisis, at night and on public holidays. That deserves respect. So, have some patience when a truck blocks the street. Don’t honk; be patient and give a thumbs up.


Together, we can also do something against litter. Round up some family, friends or neighbours. But even if we clean up one piece of rubbish daily, it will create a difference.


The Waste Heroes are often on their way from 7 o’clock, so offering a cup of coffee or cake is an excellent idea. Or have your children make a colouring or stick a thank you note on your container.


But it all starts with adequately handing over your waste. Place your container correctly, not too heavy, well separated, etc. And pack/close everything thoroughly to prevent litter. And this, of course, all year!


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