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Q4 Clue 775 | Storytelling style

On the occasion of ‘Tell a Fairy Tale Day’, let’s look at how our different styles tell a story.


Brief, powerful and straight to the point. Better at reading aloud (of a fairy tale) than telling from memory. But the (many) stories make an impact and can be highly entertaining.


May appear to be confusing. Has an overall idea/direction and just starts. Then, the story can go back and forth at times. But rich in ideas and can also articulate them well and amusingly.


Prefers to tell familiar stories. Whether that is a fairy tale or sharing experiences with friends at a birthday party, over time, though, these stories can grow ever so slightly stronger!


The stories are very detailed and full of background details. This may be long-winded and even boring to another person. But probably knows storytelling techniques and thus avoids their pitfalls.


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