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Q4 Clue 774 | Friendliness

Being friendly to each other comes in many forms. From a DISC-style perspective, we can look at it in terms of the ‘how?’ question. How does a Style show friendliness?


The style that is quick to say what they think. This can be perceived as unfriendly but is often not. On the contrary, can have your best interests at heart and wants to provide clarity. Breaks his back for you.


By nature, this style avoids confrontations. So then tries constantly to keep it friendly. Usually, a smile, at least. Being pleasant and entertaining when interacting and maintaining a sociable atmosphere.


Helping and supporting are basic traits of this style. Also, the style who always wants to keep the vibe good. From one-on-one, family, and friends to work (team) relations. Avoids tensions.


This style is very good at being formally friendly based on prevailing values and norms. If you belong to the inner circle of this style, the friendliness is sincere, warm and attentive.


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