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Q4 Clue 772 | Self-confidence taits

Self-confidence includes ‘style transcending traits’. For some, you may have to dig deeper than for others, but we have them all! Which style for which traits?


Don’t shy away from challenges. Even if you think you can’t do it. Put your D style to use, and do it anyway. Believe in yourself and celebrate successes. Take notes of what you have achieved, too. That does good!


Don’t constantly compare yourself to others; learn to accept yourself as you are. Whatever others do ‘better’ or what others will think of it, so be it. Trust your strengths!


Helpful thoughts instead of negative ones. You can do it, and what you say is not weird. And accept compliments. This style tends to wave them away. On the contrary, welcome them!


The inner critic in us. Be aware of such thoughts and stop listening to that little voice. Better yet, know what your qualities are and invest in it, in your personal growth!


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