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Q4 Clue 771 | Privacy

Yesterday was the European Privacy Day. Or, in other words, Data Protection Day. It is good to reflect on how we handle data security according to the different styles.


Don’t click too quickly. The style that can act too fast. Before you know it, you are sharing something. Watch also your gear because it can happen to you too. Laptops, for example, get stolen very regularly.


This style is very responsive to novelties, like new trends, new socials, ‘special’ invitations and even AI. Be aware of the dangers that come with sharing personal data (too quickly).


Safety and security go with this style. You want to avoid a virus. Make sure your scanner is up to date. And especially when working with other people’s data, treat it as your own.


The style of thinking carefully before sharing data. Somewhat suspicious by nature, which, unfortunately, is a must in this digital world. Is it a trustworthy party? Do they really need it?


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