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Q4 Clue 770 | Problem-solving abilities

Problem-solving abilities: how does this relate to the different DISC Styles?


Direct into actions. Wasting as little time, resources or money as possible. However, this is often only a short-term solution. If it happens more often, having someone look into it is better.


Quick to find help. Flat tyre, hop on the back of a bike with someone. Creative and takes little energy. But dependent on others and doesn’t resolve the problem. You could ask someone for that again…


This is the style of practical solutions. Like, you immediately repair your flat tyre. It’s ‘just’ something to do but then fixed and done. However, even better, of course, preventing (future) problems.


Finding short-term solutions can be challenging. Long-term, on the other hand, is precisely C-style territory. A thorough problem analysis and then determining the best, most sustainable solution.


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