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Q4 Clue 769 | Blue Monday

According to the experts, it is the most depressing day of the year. How do we best get through this day from the perspective of our DISC styles?


Exercise has a positive effect on your mood. Doing sports or going for a walk. If you build a competition or achievement into that and you win/achieve, it makes you feel even better!


Do something fun, or make plans to do so. Organise a party, plan a dinner, a day trip, or look at or even book a holiday. Something to get excited about; enjoy the anticipation!


Spend time with your family, your partner or a good friend. To enjoy, of course, but also so you can find some support and help if you are feeling a bit gloomy these days.


What could also be an idea, discover or do something new. It also breaks any rut. Listen to new music, try to cook a new dish or start an interesting hobby. It’s never too late!


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