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Q4 Clue 768 | Intuition

Derived from the Latin ‘inner knowing’. A somewhat difficult concept perhaps, but let’s see how it can manifest in different styles.


This style can decide on something very suddenly. Just does it, not fearing the consequences and then sees it through. Thoughtless, rushed? Perhaps, but this can also be seen as very intuitive.


The I-style is very sensitive to the ambience and the mood, not just of a person but also of a group or environment. If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, it can be over quickly. Get away from here.


The style that – perhaps subconsciously – has already played out many scenarios in their head. What to do if, how to react to. Can then act very adequately when such a situation arises.


This style is focused on details and quickly sees things that others may miss. This can also include complex situations. Quick to oversee and then to act, to react.


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