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Q4 Clue 766 Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!
Maybe with others? Then, some ‘DISC tips’ to get through these days 😉. For yourself but certainly also for those around you.


These days can easily be seen as a have-to-do, not in charge. You can sit around sulking, or you can accept it. Do take (or give!) a moment to do something for yourself, to decide, to have a choice.


Family and fish keep fresh for three days! In other words, it can’t be super fun, sweet and cosy every moment. No matter how you try your best. We’re not all an I-style either. Relax, it’ll be fine again!


For many, it is joyful and relaxing. For you, stress! The preparation, the presents, the decorations, the appetisers and the drinks, the… Get your breaks, too – and for the others, pay a little attention here, please!


Sure there are the ‘obligations’ and so there should be. Just fine and we’ll make the best of it. Already worked out though; taking three days off is ten days on leave. So still days enough to do something for yourself!


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