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Q4 Clue 764 | Humour (in the workplace)

You might say by joking that you show your personality. It is also seen as a valuable soft skill. What about the different styles?


Laughing also helps against stress and is an ideal way to blow off (D) steam. But, important for this style, to keep it fun for the other person, too. Avoid harmful and misplaced jokes.


It eases the communication. Perfect to apply when influencing, persuading and motivating others. A positive atmosphere also promotes creativity.


Laughing together unites. It thereby strengthens team spirit and improves cooperation. Humour also helps in conveying a problematic or sensitive message.


Laughing is genuinely healthy. It is good for your lungs and blood circulation. It releases hormones and endorphins and strengthens the immune system. It is also a good icebreaker – even in dire situations.


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