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Q4 Clue 763 | Poems

Traditionally, St Nicholas celebrations include poems. Recognise the style of the poem – and perhaps the author/giver!


You can’t delegate this one; you have to write it yourself. Or is ChatGPT an option? The poem will be short. But bold. There will be some personal ‘jokes’ in it.


This poem can be long and woolly. Maybe even a bit disjointed, but with humour, funny jokes and witticisms. Chances are the poem itself will ‘give away’ who wrote it.


Warm and heartfelt. Also well-intentioned. But it is an excellent way of saying or hinting at something in an indirect way. Wrapped up and subtle, it makes you laugh. But it is said 😊


Skilfully written. It could be a ballad (AABB), a four-line stanza (abab), or even a mirror poem (abba) rhyme scheme… Expect little hidden personal shots at you and ‘double messages’. Read twice.


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