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Q4 Clue 762 | The Collector

Chances are that the Salvation Army will come by this week. How do the different styles deal with collectors at their door?


This is the style we need to use to get rid of someone quickly. Not interested! If you are interested, no problem, of course. Then, you donate quickly and generously!


Surprised when opening the door. The ‘oh, sorry, I don’t have any change – no’ no longer works. No problem, use my ATM! But then the stress of how much, can I make it a minimal amount?


This style (in us!) has thought about this in advance. Has a jar of change ready for collectors and tips. Also, for your convenience. You don’t need to worry about saying no, and it’s handled quickly.


The style who has already thought about it and decided. To give or not to give. To what cause. How, what, when, etc. If the collector doesn’t fit in there, it’s; sorry, I already give to other charities.


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