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Q4 Clue 761 | Appointments (for the holidays)

Things move faster than you think. The holidays are coming, and so are appointments. How do different styles deal with this?


This style (in us) decides. And preferably this style decides. It can be rational and quick. Or simply what this style wants. Then, what others want, expect or ‘should’ is less important.


Don’t really want to think about it (yet). Still a long way off and putting it off. Because decisions have to be made where not everyone can be perfectly accommodated, that’s not nice.


Would you happen to know what you’re doing? This has probably already been asked by a primarily S-driven person. Would like to know (well) in advance to plan and prepare as early as possible.


Probably knows what is coming up for more than a year. Whose ‘right’ it is this year, first/second, new year… But keeps a score; it should come from both sides – if not, a cancellation is acceptable.


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