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Q4 Clue 760 | Mediation

Mediation is independent counselling of a conversation between parties who want to reach an agreement with each other. Being flexible in your communication styles will be an excellent attribute then. How do you think you could use all your styles?


Forcing, pointing out the problem, confronting – these kinds of techniques. Sometimes, this has to be done to get results. That you may not be liked in the process is not a problem.


Being able to express well, articulate, diplomatically – and so influencing others. Capable of inspiring or energising others. Able to bring lightness to a (heavy) conversation as well.


Listening ear, empathy, and support – able to create a safe environment. Necessary when there is conflict. Especially when emotional and/or material issues are at stake.


Know-how, (case) expertise, having all the details – in short, you will be well equipped and a competent mediator. No surprises or having one party try to play off the other (and you).


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