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Q4 Clue 759 | Traffic jam-free Day Netherlands

Traffic jam-free Day Netherlands tomorrow. How could the different styles potentially contribute to this?


Bike or public transport is probably not an immediate alternative. If only because it takes longer. But with your (D?) driving style, you can help to avoid traffic jams. Stay in your lane and calmly go with the flow….


Shared driving is an option for our I-style. But the carpoolers must be pleasant company. Do note the (I?) challenge; you must be strict in keeping to the agreed time. Not to wait for you all the time…


Work from home for a day. Pretty relaxed, too! But provided you can REALLY separate yourself from family/ housemates and ‘other private matters that need your attention’. Or avoid the rush hour.


It’s not a promotion for this day, but for the C-style in us, traffic jams don’t have to be so bad. A moment for yourself and your thoughts before returning to the hustle and bustle of work or home…


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