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Q4 Clue 757 | Helping

A request for help at work or in your personal life. How do different styles deal with helping (request for help)?


Quick in asking for help. But beware other styles can also quickly interpret it as delegating. Not so quick to offer or pledge help. It should serve a purpose: helping.


Finds it a bit tricky to ask anyway. It’s also a kind of confrontation; what if the other person says no? Or is it a weakness that I need help? And asking is one thing, but you also have to plan.


Help for instructions is essential for this style; help for execution then not – if the instruction was clear, of course. Also intrinsically motivated to help and ready to help all the time. This is also a pitfall!


This style is driven to learn and execute themselves. Correct and precise. Will not easily ask for help, unless from an authority. Also quite willing to help but keeps a balance. If it tips over, don’t.


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