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Q4 Clue 756 | Feeling good about yourself

When is a particular style ‘comfortable in its own skin’ and how does it show itself?


To be comfortable in your skin, you need to be in (total) control. You can make quick decisions and get to action. Not afraid of bumps in the road. Directing and delegating comes naturally.


Very enthusiastic in an environment where you are genuinely appreciated. Where you can and dare to be yourself. Lively and interactive, a true connector who creates and maintains a good ambience.


You feel at your best in a trusted and predictable environment. Then open, harmonious, supportive and very helpful. A true team player in any role or environment.


Must ‘master the subject matter’. Be it at home or work, the environment or what you do. Makes no mistakes and delivers quality. Can then also come off as delightfully dry and witty!


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