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Q4 Clue 752 | Resilience

Mental resilience is a concept that ‘touches’ all styles. What are the natural characteristics per style, and how do you recover quickly?


Accept circumstances beyond your control. Step over them. Too bad it didn’t work out; it happened – next!
And to get it out of your system, get some (hard) physical exercise.


Positive thinking can be linked to this style. A style that wants to get back into a positive flow quickly. Take an optimistic and energetic stance!
So talk it off your chest, too, and seek company.


Drawing lessons from incidents and taking this with you. For the future but also to resolve current events. Bend along but stay standing!
And take time for yourself, you alone.


Come up with a solution. Of course, for the things you can influence. With certain willpower and especially solution-oriented!
For that, remember to take your thinking time.


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