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Q4 Clue 751 | BBQ

Last weekend was again our annual summer event, organised at the Westeinderplassen—a social and relaxed get-together with a BBQ. So the question arises, how do the different styles bbq?


Look, I cooked today! But that was already made and prepared. Furthermore, it was also (most) likely someone else who took care of the salads, bread, sauces and everything else.


Some things do burn with this style. Timing is tricky when you want to entertain your guests simultaneously. But that’s part of the game, and probably (secretly, hopefully) someone will jump in!


Actually, it’s a great and ‘safe’ place behind the BBQ. What’s especially nice is that the guests – all of them – will come to you by themselves. So then the greeting and conversation will come naturally.


The need to deliver quality. That starts with the meat, the preparation – well, with everything. Keeps a tight rein on the BBQ. Yourself, you don’t need any ‘well-intentioned help’.


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