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Q4 Clue 750 Out of office

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen these and possibly sent them ourselves; the Out of Office messages. How do you recognise the different styles?


There’s a good chance this style doesn’t. Checks his/her e-mail regularly anyway. Wherever. Otherwise very concise and direct. I am not at office call colleague…


Chances are it was forgotten. The last working day was so hectic that the computer was switched off passionately without turning on the OOO. And finds out after the holiday…


This style tends to have an extensive and informative text, possibly also in multiple languages. Often the text carries some excuse, especially when the holiday is long…


The style in us that has to ask, is it safe – what is the security risk? Be mindful of what you communicate in this text. Scammers and spammers are lurking…


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